The Sierra Leone Internet Governance Forum (SLIGF) is a multistakeholder forum that has been held since 2012 to discuss issues of Internet governance that affect Sierra Leone and the region as a whole. Sierra Leone Internet Governance Forum was established in 2012 and recognized by the IGF Secretariat in 2020. It adheres to the principles of the global Internet Governance Forum, along with all other national and regional IGFs, of being:

  • Open and transparent,
  • Inclusive,
  • Non-commercial,
  • Bottom up and
  • Multistakeholder.

Sierra Leone IGF was established with a main objective of creating a unique discussion arena for the respectful community of Sierra Leone, to discuss issues pertaining to the Internet governance. More specifically, the Sierra Leone Internet Governance Forum aims to

  • Increase awareness and build capacity on Internet Governance issues amongst all stakeholders 
  • Facilitate the participation of a broad range of all stakeholders in regional and global Internet Governance and ensure that national concerns are taken into account
  • Contribute to strengthening the multi-stakeholder dialogue model for Internet Governance in Africa
  • Provide a consultative and participatory platform for multi-stakeholder discussions and dialogue on Internet Governance issues

Organizational structure

The national IGF of Sierra Leone IGF is organized by a multistakehoder Organizing Committee, with members coming from the following stakeholder groups:

  • Government
  • Private Sector
  • Civil Society
  • Technical Community

The work of the Organizing Committee was supported by the following stakeholders:

  • Ministry of ‎Information ‎and ‎Communication
  • Southern ‎Region ‎Women’s ‎Empowerment Group
  • Sierra Leone IGF

Sierra Leone IGF is registered as a non-profit organization.

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